1.What is your role at Evak?

My role at Evak Engineering is to provide direction for the business and help us meet the needs of our customers. This also involves introducing new customers to Evak Engineering and making sure we provide great customer service and excellence

2. What does Evak do?

Evak Engineering has a CNC machine shop for turning and milling of machined parts. These are mainly from steel however other materials can be machined. We have a welding shop where we weld fabrications to customer designs and can help with the design of new fabrications.

Evak Engineering are involved in Complete Build for customers, this is where we will machine parts, weld fabrications, and then complete the assembly build on behalf of our customers. I like to think of this as taking the “hassle” away from the customer. These Complete Build Assemblies can be prototypes for a new design; Assemblies for a production line or assemblies for complete processes.

WE carry out break-down work for a number of clients, sometimes this is to repair broken and non-functioning parts, other times it is to carry out break-down repairs in their processing plants / manufacturing.

We have a power press shop which has capacity up to 100 Tonne pressing. Finally, we have a powder coating line where we coat products for customers. Most of the coatings are for parts that we have manufactured.

3. What gets you out of bed in a morning?

I like to do enjoyable and new things today with family and friends as well as helping people to solve problems. If the business can make a positive impact for customers, employees and other stakeholders then I am happy.

4. What makes Evak different?

Evak Engineering has a relaxed approach and many of our customers like to visit us. I say they just “rock up”, this does build an expectation that we can solve the problem immediately. We have a lead time of anything from 30 minutes to 3 weeks for most of the work we do.

Some Complete Build Assemblies are on longer lead times depending on the content of work. But these are always done to meet the customer needs and lead time. We advise customers on design issues and help them to problem solve during the manufacturing process.

Our practical approach makes us different and we are very approachable to help take the hassle away from the customer.

5. What are the businesses greatest strength?

Evak Engineering are very flexible in their approach, this means that we can use a wide range of skills to help solve problems for our customers. I consider us as a supplier who takes away the customers hassle and offers a practical solution. If we cannot solve the problem we try and support customers and prospective customers to find a solution.

6. What are your primary markets / sectors?

Evak Engineering are involved in most sectors that use metal parts. This includes Oil and Gas; Sub-sea; Renewables; Automotive; Recycling; Construction; Architectural Design etc

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Evak Engineering are building a business ready for tomorrows challenges. We very much want to grow our sales with existing customers as well as work for new customers.