1. What is your role at HT Media?
I’m Dan Monaghan, Creative Director at HT Media. I’m involved in almost everything at HT from filming and animation to finance and business development.

2. What does HT Media do?
HT Media are a video production and animation company based in Gateshead. This year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary. We produce content for public and private sector clients in the Industrial and manufacturing, Offshore renewable energy and healthcare sectors.


3. What gets you out of bed in a morning?
What gets me out of bed in the morning is how every day is so different at HT Media. For example, this month I’ll be drone filming at an offshore wind turbine in Aberdeen, filming pieces to camera with actors for a social care sector client, maintaining time lapse cameras capturing things being built at various site across the North East and creating animations for an NHS trust.


4. What makes HT Media different?
We have an extensive background in broadcast television. Having previously produced high quality content for Tyne Tees, Channel 4 and Discovery, we’ve brought those high standards of work to the corporate world. We believe that a strong narrative and the voices behind it are key to making engaging, and effective video content.


5. What are the businesses greatest strength?
We have a team which is diverse in age and experience. Each member of the team brings unique and creative ideas to projects. This helps us make each video different but maintain the same high levels of quality.


6. What are your primary markets / sectors?
Industrial and Manufacturing
Offshore Renewable Energy
Health and Social Care

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?
We’re always looking to identify new markets for us to expand the business into, and after a steady growth over the last few years we’re now looking at add a new member to the team who can help to ensure projects run smoothly and hit their deadlines.