1. What is your role at Isoclad & Securiclad Ltd?

Marketing Manager at Isoclad & Securiclad Ltd.

2. What does Isoclad & Securiclad Ltd do?

Established in 1978, Isoclad & sister company Securiclad have been supplying panel systems for over 40 years. Part of the Resource family of businesses since 2017, Securiclad operates from two sites hiring over 60 employees. Our Isoclad operation plus Securiclad sales, design and technical teams are located in our North Shields HQ, with Securiclad production and CustomClad located in our brand-new state of the art facility in Monmouth, South Wales.

Isoclad is the largest independent manufacturer of insulated panels and ancillaries in the UK. Renowned for our products globally, we place user-friendly service at the heart of our offering, ensuring your project receives ongoing advice and support at every stage from our team of professionals. In addition to our industry leading fire-rated, thermal and structural panels, as a business we offer a much wider service; from initial project planning through to blueprints and installation, we liaise with your team to enable a smooth project timeline from start to finish.

3. What gets you out of bed in a morning?

The ability to make a difference and be part of the rapid curve of growth within these businesses is a great reason to get out of bed in a morning! Working with a group of inspiring Directors, alongside a strong peer network of managers within the business, delivers a strong foundation of support, teamwork and the opportunity to learn and grow.

Additionally, there is a large focus on company culture, and employee appreciation, with initiatives such as Tasty Tuesday once a month, where the company buys everyone lunch. There are some exciting things ahead in the pipeline for the business, with a new Securiclad factory launched in South Wales and a continuous pipeline of product development which is going to fundamentally allow growth and diversification across the two businesses.

4. What makes Isoclad & Securiclad Ltd different?

At Isoclad, we are ‘The Panel People’, and it’s the people which make a difference. Whether you’re an external or internal stakeholder, the people are the strength of this business, through both customer service and skills.

Securiclad, although similar in product type to Isoclad, is a very different business. Driven by technical capability, product certification and holistic service, clients come to Securiclad for a highly certified product with top class knowledge of the requirements in-house.

5. What are the businesses greatest strength?

The greatest strength across both businesses is the relationships the team have built; relationships with suppliers, with customers, with industry thought leaders, and internally. This is driven by the people in the business who are our best asset. These people, and the diverse skills they bring to the business, allow us to grow, refine and develop.

6. What are your primary markets / sectors?

Although there is some sector overlap between the businesses, the products lend itself to different markets and applications as follows:

Isoclad Sectors:

 Food & drink​ production
 Retail​ & hoardings
 Warehousing​
 Healthcare​
 Pharma​
 Data centres​
 Battery plants/high-tech industrial​
 Education​
 Modular/Off-site building

Securiclad Sectors:
 Data Centres​
 Ministry of Defence​
 Clean Rooms​
 Infrastructure​
 Utilities​
 Transport​
 Financial​
 Panic Rooms​
 Weaponry ​
 High-value Asset Storage

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Our three-year strategic plan targets not only volume growth, but the growth of a multi-skilled environment with succession planning and new product development with an ongoing NPD plan. We are currently in a year of stability, after 18 months of rapid organisational change, ready for a solid year of growth in our next financial year, starting June 2022.