Engineering & Manufacturing Network are very pleased to welcome ZEST I/O to our affiliate programme.

Zest I/O are only two years old, founded by long term EMN friend Zeynel Badak, but have already built a strong reputation in the digital sector for supporting businesses in their move toward a more sustainable future.

Traditionally many businesses overlook the need to adopt new technologies and change an ingrained culture for fear of getting it wrong or spending money on systems that will not be fully utilised or worse, are not what the business needed.

We are looking to support our businesses in this journey with the support of Zest I/O to ensure that the chosen solutions are fit for purpose through a range of bespoke solutions aimed squarely at small to medium enterprises looking to manage their processes with the latest in cloud-based technologies.

Zest I/O products integrate CRM / ERP and MRP with the ability to build a degree of customisation according to the need of the user, providing an end to end (enquiry to invoice) system replacing adhoc systems that businesses have evolved over many years.

Working with Zeynel is always an absolute pleasure and bringing the opportunity to support our members in their digital journey is not only an exciting prospect, but also a critical one as the world moves to greater systemisation and automation.

Welcome on-board!