How does a network work? Well, that depends on the type of network its is.

How does Engineering & Manufacturing Network work? The easy answer is ‘with’ our members.

We have built an extremely successful collaboration of businesses by listening and delivering on need, not dictating what we think our members might want.

What does this mean?

Opportunities every week provided through direct contact to improve your business through the widest range of initiatives, offers and B2B (or M2M) opportunities. This might be direct work, upskilling, shared expertise, advice, member call outs for support and so on. Oh, and yes we do put people in a room to ‘network’ but only for the right reasons.

We appreciate that the last 2 years have been difficult for most but our network has grown bigger and stronger through this, and frankly we never stopped for one moment, even increasing our workforce to deal with the demand built on our success.

Now face to face is becoming normal again we are enjoying seeing our members in 1-2-1 and groups where we are now seeing our businesses become very comfortable in an environment with 40-50 persons for discussions around the widest range of topics.

If that sounds interesting and you would like to join the North Easts premier (largest and fastest growing) cross sector manufacturing and engineering network then please get in touch.

Kaye Collins
Christopher Hird