Do you enjoy what you do? Do you leave at the end of the day feeling like you’ve achieved something?

The last 2 years has changed many peoples focus and found them looking for ways to get more out of their day to day. That begs the question…. more what?

Money seems to have dropped down the list with employers and employees alike looking for more ‘time’, more ‘enjoyment’ and more ‘quality of life’. That of course requires less of somethings – less ‘stress’, less ‘pressure’ and less ‘uncertainty’.

Engineering & Manufacturing Network work with business owners and directors to help them achieve all of these things and more. How? By surrounding ourselves with the kind of people who can help our businesses find ‘more’.

What have we done recently and where have we helped our members find more?

In the last two weeks we have continued with our sustainability journey working with members around electric vehicle initiatives for staff, finding funding options for a number of businesses to support their growth, found apprenticeship options, supported both R&D and Min-Met, Judged Made in the northeast , supported businesses in achieving ISO9001, created B2B opps for members.

That was just a normal week for us which also included the EMCON Engineering & Manufacturing Show team working on this years event (Sept 8th as you asked), rebooking last years exhibitors, designing Business Durham Incubator Zone, finalising the exhibitors handbook and we have even been working with our affiliate NPS Group on this years show catalogue and exhibitor pack. Oh they’ve even been working with us on a new domain!

All of that said, I can tell you one interesting fact. Work of this type, with these partners and businesses brings our team more enjoyment than you would expect. We love our work because it’s all about helping and supporting businesses. Providing them with the advice, initiatives or opportunities to help them remove some of the pressures that remove their enjoyment.

If you work in the engineering & manufacturing sectors and want to know a little more about how we can help you find ‘more’ then please get in touch. Join a rapidly growing support network representing a fantastic sector in the best region!