Are you aware that businesses need a plan in place to measure their journey toward netzero ?

We would all like to think that we are working together to reduce carbon emissions and drive a more sustainable future, but are you aware that without an actual detailed plan your business may not be able to achieve grant funding or lending in the future? This could even affect your ability to apply for contracts with the public sector or larger organisations who will expect to see evidence of this in the same way they would our general environmental, health and safety or quality policies.

This sounds like a big ask and it certainly isn’t a demand to achieve perfection, just a recognition of the businesses direction with targets and strategies to achieve this.

Many of you will know our Engineering & Manufacturing Network member Imvelo Ltd – Environmental Consultants and will most likely follow managing director Tamma Carel (PIEMA, MSc, BSc) on Linkedin. Their blogs help readers to think about their position and find a way to set some realistic goals. The link attached here is a great read for business owners and employee alike to use as a trigger for action

So what is the next step on this journey? Well, I suppose that is down to you, your business and your sector. The reality is that its a step that has to be taken, even if just a small one.

Our network will be creating a range of initiatives for 2022 around the subject of sustainability and netzero so why not join us?

If you are looking to get on board with this and take that first step, or if your are already on the journey but want to keep the momentum going then please get in touch.