Providing advice is something we all do, whether it be with our friends, family, colleagues or perhaps professional advice to our clients.

All advice comes with a risk of providing information without all of the facts, or even where an opinion is taken as fact when its without substantiation. Whilst none of us would ever want to do this, we can also of course provide poor advice.

Industry of any kind is rife with consultants and Engineering & Manufacturing Network work with many who are excellent in their fields, but of course this isn’t always the case and we frequently see the result of poor advice in the press or hear of it from our clients who have been ‘stung’ at some point.

This now however is having a significant effect on the industry and insurance premiums are sky rocketing with insurers looking to mitigate their risk and asking for significant lead in before providing a quote. This affects anyone and any business who provides advice either as the entirety or part of their service.

To support you in making the right decision we have teamed up with our affiliate Lockton Companies and our account manager Colin Donohoe to provide a surgery where you can discuss anything insurance related including the need to mitigate your own risk of huge costs when you renew. We are booking slots of 20-30 mins over Zoom so you dont even have to leave the office, so drop a note to me and you will be booked in.

Of course this is only a very small part of what we do, so have a look at just how far we go for our members to whom we have worked tirelessly over the last two years to create a sustainable environment in which they can achieve their business goals.

We aren’t a talking shop, we are a doing shop!