Are you a manufacturer ?
Are you based in the northeast ?
Are you looking for support in your business plans?

Engineering & Manufacturing Network are here to help in the same way as we do our 300 other members in their many and various plans.

We were created to support engineering & manufacturing businesses by specialists from the sector who have extensive experience of the needs of business owners and their teams. We are a network but not one to be confused with organisations who simply put on an event (as valuable as they are). We have worked tirelessly for 5 years building a fantastic network of businesses for whom we work every day to support them in their needs, of course, never busier than the last 20 months which saw so many changes for companies who had to delay plans, diversify or change their working methods to survive. We were there every day!

This continues with planned initiatives on a wide range of topics, created to benefit the businesses with whom we engage. This also includes our new professional surgeries where you can drop in, in confidence to speak to a professional from our affiliate board. This week with Muckle LLP (Robin Adams ) to discuss legal issues and mid December with Lockton Companies (Colin Donohoe ) to round off the year.

If you are looking for support in sustaining or growing your business or just want to be a part of the regions fastest growing sector agnostic manufacturing & engineering network, then let us know.

For a little more info please go to the website, have a look at what we do and get in touch!