Do you have an experience to share?

At our recent EMCON’F’ we discussed and debated the importance of being on an #innovation journey irrespective of the nature of your business, and most importantly how sharing your experience of that journey (good or bad) can help other companies to make decisions around their own steps toward business #improvements .

A wide range of business shared their experience with the audience and we all debated how innovation has benefited them despite what may have been a difficult journey to achieve this.

#generationx (of which I am one) have seen incredible changes in how life has rapidly changed. We laugh at how computer graphics we once thought amazing are now comical, we wonder at the way that almost every aspect of our life from business, social, banking, health and shopping are controlled from our phones and how all of this seemed to happen almost over night.

#Business has also let forward albeit interestingly the take up and desire for change is far less. We crave the next regeneration of phone in our personal life and yet shudder at the thought of such a leap for our business. The question is why?

The answer will vary slightly but in many cases it comes down to understanding which are the correct decisions to make and what are the costs involved. Essentially coming down to predicted #roi

So how can we help? Well, Engineering & Manufacturing Network are doing exactly that by putting businesses together to share their experience through #peertopeer learning at events like EMCON’F’ to discuss journeys warts and all so others can benefit, reduce their ‘journey’ time and build #sustainable futures.

Join us on the journey, no matter what point you are at

Click the link below to learn a little about the need to share and how our great #northeastbusiness are doing just that



Ben Gilhespy
Director of Operations