What is your role at Lean 6 Services LTD?

I am the founder and director (Tutor / Coach)

What does Lean 6 Services do?

L6S delivers business improvement training and consultancy to funded partners as well as commercial businesses.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

That I am making a difference in people’s lives both employed and unemployed. Give people the skills to work smarter and not harder or advance in their existing career. Also to help and give appropriate knowledge to help people get back into work.

What makes Lean 6 Services different?

Due to in excess of 30yrs experience in the industry and working with all levels I am able to communicate effectively and use simple terms and techniques to improve staff and their processes. Using existing staff and their on-the-job knowledge and experience to rectify problems and implement sustainable improvements

What are the business’s greatest strengths?

Business Improvement Techniques using simple Lean methodologies.
Access to a wide range and network of experts to aid in problem-solving.

What are your primary markets/sectors?

Manufacturing Sector

Do you have growth plans for the future?

To establish the business locally and in the North East and Tees Valley.