What is your role at T12?  

I am the Project Director and responsible for the delivery of all projects and ensuring that customers and clients get the necessary engineering support and execution from early engagement through to completion. 

What does T12 do?  

T12 is an engineering consultancy, but we believe we offer more than that. Our clients recognise the value of ‘on-demand’ engineering. What does that mean? Our clients typically want to grow their engineering capability, bring in external expertise and technical support, or use us as a strategic engineering partner to support their business in tenders and projects. T12 provides a tailored bolt-on engineering service to support their business objectives. 

What gets you out of bed in a morning? 

Days at T12 are rarely the same, which is part of the appeal and renews my motivation daily. Some days, business needs dictate a specific focus on marketing and business development areas, involving meetings and discussions with many new strategic partners. Other times, the focus is more internal, looking at the organisation, strategy, and key objectives for the business. And this is all before we even get down to the day job of managing engineering design and delivery for our clients. 

What makes T12 different? 

We are a disruptive offering by this we mean our on-demand engineering model makes it very accessible for customers and clients to get engineering and technical excellence in a flexible and timely manner.  

What are the businesses greatest strength? 

T12 is an independent owner managed consultancy the directors are very much hands on and part of the day-to-day operations meaning you get direct access to over 100 years of experience and also the decision makers within T12. 

What are your primary markets / sectors? 

The energy sectors, oil and gas, renewables, energy from waste and niche engineering within the automotive sector.   

Do you have growth plans for the future? 

We plan to grow organically as we grow our client base. We have recently signed contracts to provide engineering consultancy work for 3 new clients. We expect to see a requirement for more resources from graduate level to more senior experienced engineers.