1. What is your role?

My role is Managing Director. I oversee the entire business operation, but my most important job is creating a vision of the future and then working with my team to develop, implement and maintain our strategic plans to move us closer to the vision.

 What does Cobots Online do?

Essentially, we release your operators to do more high value work, increasing your profits by automating repetitive tasks with cobots. We also design and  manufacture bespoke end effectors for industrial robots and work holding fixtures for automated product assembly lines.

2.  What gets you out of bed in a morning?

As an entrepreneur every day is an opportunity to do things better, seek out new opportunities and build a stronger business. My team look to me for inspiration and motivation and entrust their and their family’s future in my decisions. I love what I do, and this is what gets me out of bed every day. 

3. What makes Cobots Online different?

We are a family owned and run business with a passion for great customer service, our aim is to build strong, long term relationships with every customer, our first customer from 1994 is still one of our top ten customers today and this is typical of our customer base.

When you engage with us, our engineers speak the same language, we’re not robotic about robotics, we talk about loading and unloading machines, screw driving, welding, loading pallets, remotely operating inspection tasks such as loading/unloading CMM’s, picking and placing parts on an assembly line, we talk about your process, in a language you understand

and we help you to identify and explore the best way to get the results which make a positive difference to you, your team and most importantly, your bottom line.

4. What is your business greatest strength?

Without doubt, our team. To provide great service you must be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing demands of customers. By investing in our team, they repay us and our clients with a flexible work attitude, ensuring clients’ needs are met time and time again. 

Our ability to empathize with the clients needs, understanding their pain and providing the right proposals to remove this “pain” is another key strength and one that sees clients return again and again.

5. What are your primary markets / sectors?

Although our products and services are geared towards the manufacturing sector and industry in general, we believe most businesses can benefit from automation, whether physically or virtually.

Automation systems involving collaborative robots have a multitude of benefits which are particularly suited to the manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, packaging, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

6.Do you have growth plans for the future?

Manufacturing across the UK is lagging behind its European competitors in the uptake of automation. The recent impact of Brexit and the availability of low skilled/low paid staff to carry our repetitive tasks will place increasing pressure on already stretched resources. Automation is the answer to this, and we expect to see an exponential growth in the requirements for manufacturing SME’s to implement automation and robotics to maintain capacity and increase margins.

Cobots Online have invested in the right resources to take advantage of this and we expect to see significant double figure growth over the next five years.