1. What is your role?

Co-Founder and Partner

2. What does Fatgreen do?

How would your business revenue and operations be affected if a shareholder or key member of your team died, or was unable to work due to long-term sickness?

Legal and General claim nearly 50% of SME’s fail within one year of loosing a Key Person, especially if the individual was a Director or Shareholder.

Faced with such scenario, businesses often struggle to meet orders and pacify lenders, clients and suppliers. Failure to address these priorities often manifests in very damaging results, hence nearly 50% of SME’s fail within one year of such an event.

Some management rely on shareholder agreements and contingency plans for a solution. Such documents provide procedural clarity, but not the ability to resolve a situation.

Resolving the situation nearly always requires access to capital. Unless a company has adequate balance sheet liquidity, or Shareholders can invest capital into the business, alternative sources of cash are required.

During a crisis, securing commercial lending is challenging and extremely expensive. Raising equity typically requires a strong growth story and results in diluted management control.

The alterative is to leverage business protection insurance. At the point of claim, the insurance company aims to provide management with a lump of cash helping management steer their company through troubled waters.

Compared to raising capital via commercial lending or equity, business insurance is extremely cost effective and a proven method of protecting businesses from life’s unexpected events.

3. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

SME’s face similar managerial challenges, irrespective of sector and industry focus.

Even though Fatgreen specialise in providing insurance solutions, we enjoy learning about client’s businesses and sharing our experiences with management to help their companies prosper and grow.

4. What makes Fatgreen different?

Two things differentiate Fatgreen from most insurance brokers.

1) We specialise in advising and protect businesses owners and their companies.

2) People are the core of our business. Our team has significant business, insurance and life experience.

5. What are Fatgreen’ greatest strength?

Fatgreen gains strength from focus.

Fatgreen only advise and protect businesses owners and their companies. We have experience of working on complex business projects and bring our experience to bear when advising our clients.

Our clients choose Fatgreen not because we are cheap, but because they value judgement, integrity and solutions which deliver.

6. What are your primary markets / sectors?

Business protection insurance is sector agnostic. Fatgreen applies solutions to a broad range of UK SME’s and owner managed businesses.

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Sadly, a large percentage of SME’s are unprotected, hence nearly 50% of SME’s fail within a year of losing a Shareholder or Key Member of staff following death or diagnosis of a critical illness.

Fatgreen passionately believe that this figure can be reduced but sadly not enough insurance brokers educate their clients of the benefits of business protection insurance.

Fatgreen plans to expand to help Shareholders and Directors protect their businesses and prevent companies from becoming another statistic.