1. What is your role at CX?

I’m the owner and lead our team in delivering informed work for our clients, coming in at the start of the client journey to understand their needs and how we can deliver for them.
At CX we say we understand, create and connect – I work at the “understand” part of the journey.

  1. What does CX do?

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency offering SEO, PPC, content & social media, web design, branding and graphic design, employer branding and marketing automation management.
We’re underpinned by our user-centred philosophy, which means we put work into the early stages of each project to exactly understand not only our client aims, but the aims of the audiences they are trying to reach. All of our activity is built out from this point.
We don’t believe in just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks – everything we do, from writing a social media post to designing a website, is methodical, backed by research and based on user needs.

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The belief that we are creating something great and putting the North East on the map.
I’m so proud to be from the North East and the prospect of contributing to the success of our regional economy is exciting.
The region is home to so many great engineering and manufacturing companies, each with a wide supply network, and they need specialist professional services to support them. I see CX as part of that.

  1. What makes ……………CX different?

To put it crudely, we take a “no bulls**t” approach.
We meet so many clients who have been made false promises by agencies and are disappointed by the results – our approach is based on honesty and trust so that this doesn’t happen.
Instead, we start at ground zero with every client, putting the time and research in to get to know them and fully understand their needs. Because we’re supported by original research and fact-finding for each project, nothing is standard. This makes it possible to bring real value and give our clients a clear picture of what’s achievable.
Our company values are PROACTIVE, EXPERT, INTEGRATED and ACCOUNTABLE and they’re not just there for show, we really stand by them. We go out of our way to make things work for our clients and see ourselves as an extension of their team.

“We have been working with CX for our design, web, social and content requirements for the last 3 years. From the very start they understood our aspirations and have made the right and informed decisions for us.”
Karl Bambynek, SIRIS

  1. What are the business’s greatest strengths?

We genuinely love getting our head around our clients’ sectors and becoming experts in what they do, the more niche and technical the better. We’re an extension of our clients’ team so it’s important that we know their industry inside out and we don’t believe you can deliver great work without that background.
Don’t believe us? Ask us anything about wastewater flow measurement, concrete repair, industrial odour removal or anode casting!

  1. What are your primary markets/sectors?

We primarily work with engineering, manufacturing and leisure businesses, with a specialism in niche technical areas. Our clients include Nissan, SIRIS Environmental, FEG and CSC Services.

  1. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Our ultimate goal is to be the go-to agency for our specialist sectors. We’ve had a bit of a growth spurt this year and added some amazing new clients to our books, as well as expanding our team. We’ve just welcomed a new recruit to our digital marketing arm and have plans to add to other areas of the business later this year.
With construction of the IAMP well underway on our doorstep and confirmation of the Tees Valley freeport down the road, the future looks exciting for North East manufacturers – and we’re determined to be part of it.