1. What is your role at Safesol?

I am the Managing Director of SafeSol Ltd. As the managing director of a micro business this role is varied and demanding. It involves a whole heap of tasks including looking after company development through sales and marketing, introducing new chemical products, motivating staff and helping them to develop, answering technical questions and working on our quality system.

2. What does SafeSol Ltd do?

SafeSol is a chemical sales and consultancy business based in South Shields. We mainly sell Huwa-San, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide for legionella control but in the past year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also been helping companies use the Huwa-San product for surface disinfection and fogging.

Huwa-San is a multipurpose disinfectant that removes biofilm so is ideal for dealing with microbiological and fouling issues.

We have some other unique products such as Checkmate a vegan, enzyme-based stain and odour eliminator and DD1 a shower head and TMV disinfectant for hard water areas.

We also carryout research and development and are working towards producing new disinfectants that are more environmentally friendly.

Lately, we have introduced a range of pet products- Pethical. These are lovely and useful ethical pet products that are directed towards pet owners.

4. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love a morning workout. I normally go to classes at Black Sheep Fitness Academy in South Shields but due to the pandemic my conservatory has become my makeshift gym for fitness. But looking to get back on it on the 12th of April when outdoor classes and indoor gym resumes.

5. What makes SafeSol different?

SafeSol has several different products that help our customers solve a problem. We back up these products with expert advice and guidance. We are also constantly striving to develop and introduce new products to the market which help our customers solve problems and save them money.

6. What are the business’s greatest strengths?

Flexibility, as a small company we can easily meet our customer’s needs when they are looking for a solution. It does not have to be a standard off-the-shelf solution. The team at SafeSol are also adaptable having worked through the pandemic supporting one another, our existing and new customer base.