1. What is your role at Smart Manufacturing Solutions?
We are the founders and Directors of SMS (from left to right) Peter Williams Director of Quality Assurance & Systems, Craig Wood Director of Operations Adam Smith Director of Sales

2. What does Smart Manufacturing Solutions do?
Smart Manufacturing Solutions offers world-class manufacturing support services to the automotive, locomotive and aerospace sectors. This can be in the form of product design and development; new
model launches to post build and aftersales support. We offer component quality inspection and rectification management solutions that deal with any emerging issues that require the control of
non-conforming material flow out. This can be carried out onsite, offsite or at our component rectification facility. We offer a fully managed service where SMS can comprehensively run critical parts of your quality
operations or projects enabling you to focus on your core business activities. These services utilize lean principles to effectively support all business KPI’s. The managed service incorporates the use of
our market-leading data gathering application that supports with root cause analysis, problem resolution and performance metrics data capture. SMS can also support with specialist resource and
recruitment of skilled and unskilled headcount shortfalls across all key areas of the manufacturing organisation.

3. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The passion and drive to be seen as the market-leading manufacturing support provider to the manufacturing sector by offering strategic and innovative solutions to meet the quality challenges
faced by global manufacturing.

4. What is the biggest strength of SMS?
Smart Manufacturing Solutions biggest strength is the breadth of knowledge and experience acquired over decades of working with some of the UK’s top OEM and tiered suppliers. This experience and knowledge alongside extensive market research from director to associate level, has been pivotal in the development of our world-class processes and systems. Our highly driven diligent and focused international award-winning team offer best in class services across all manufacturing areas.

5. What are your primary markets / sectors?
The Automotive Locomotive & Aerospace

6. Do you have growth plans for the future?
As a newly formed company our short-term goals are to become an integral part of the manufacturing eco system within the United Kingdom. We like to see ourselves as an extension of our client’s business and
our aim is to become the strategic partner of choice. We have offices in Europe and the Middle East, which we can utilise to support on international contracts and grow the business further.