1. What is your role at IQMS Learning?

Managing Director.

2. What does IQMS Learning do?

We deliver Auditor Training & Consultancy in ISO and other Standards. For example; learn about or Implement ISO 14001 or train as a CQI & IRCA Auditor in ISO 45001…or ISO 9001….or BRCGS Food issue 8 etc. Our most popular auditing qualifications are Internal and Lead Auditor.

We deliver a number of supporting practitioner courses mainly into the food sector. Courses are often certificated to BRCGS or Highfield and include; Risk Assessment, HACCP/TACCP & VACCP, Validation & Verification and Food Labelling legislation.

Our customers are organisations, often certified, and Individuals, both from within the organisations and independently looking to upskill.

Our Consultancy supports our training courses by embedding its objectives into the client Organisation, helping to gain tangible value from their Management Systems. Gone are the days where Management Systems are only an operational tool. Every business should be taking full advantage to drive their business forward.

3. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My team of advisors and tutors – they are simply the best in the business.

4. What makes IQMS different?

Where we came from and where we are now. My team was made redundant when our ex-employer, a global Certification Body, withdrew from the UK Learning market. Taking the best of the people we decided to do it ourselves. Without the constraints (and overheads!) of the parent company, our quality of service soared, creating happy staff and happy customers.

5. What are the business’s greatest strength?

Being surrounded by people who ‘want to do it’ and not ‘have to do it’. It’s inspiring!

6. What are your primary markets/sectors?

The most popular international Standards are not specific to one sector. Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial customers from many sectors will have Quality, H&S, Environment or Food Safety requirements that we can support.Some sectors like Automotive will have their own variants of Standards. We deliver IATF 16949 training to Automotive manufacturers and their supply chain. Our customer base is split between Organisational customers needing drive business improvement through their Management Systems and Individual customers seeking career development.

7. Do you have growth plans for the future?

Oh yes!

Today’s industrial climate will ensure that only those Organisations who provide high-quality products and services, efficiently and effectively will succeed. Our business is to help achieve those efficiencies. The situation is similar for Individuals; increase your competence = improve your value and employability. Either as part of an Organisation or an Individual, it has never been more important to invest in People in the knowledge that those are the folks who will see us through this difficult time creating a stronger, more resilient, and often more profitable sector.