In our latest feature ‘Spotlight On’ we chat to Andy Young, Brand Communication Manager at Fuzzy Logic to understand a little bit more about what they do.

What is your role at Fuzzy Logic Studio and what does the company do?

My role is to expand the brand’s UK footprint and work closely with clients to roll out innovative augmented reality (AR) solutions that help them to reduce costs, save time and drive revenue.As a company, we specialise in developing innovative solutions using AR to solve business challenges and boost performance.

AR enhances your existing world or view by adding digital elements and information that appear as if they are sitting in your environment. These digital elements are activated through a mobile device or AR headset/glasses.
Within an engineering and manufacturing context, AR can be used to:
● visualise and interact with 3D models in context
● collaborate on 3D models to achieve rapid prototyping
● increase productivity by providing step-by-step instructions in real-time
● reduce quality defects and rework
● create tactile learning experiences that improve knowledge retention
● increase the onboarding speed for new hires and trainees
● deliver remote assistance to staff in the field and transfer knowledge

We have worked with clients including Hyundai, Renault, Transnet, Anglo American and Roche.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me up in the morning is the fact that each day presents an opportunity to be exposed to a new business and create solutions that solve their unique challenges.

After recently returning to the north east, it has been so inspiring to see what the region has to offer not only the rest of the UK, but the world, in terms of class-leading products and services. I am looking forward to exploring how we can partner with these businesses and help drive them forward.

What makes Fuzzy Logic different?

One of our key differentiators is the fact that we have been working with augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality since 2011. As an early adopter, we understand the intricacies of each offering and how to effectively roll-out solutions across different areas of a business.

We have successfully released more than 70 AR apps, with more than 3 million downloads. In 2013, we were named Augmented Reality Developer of the Year in Europe and, just last year, we were nominated for three awards at the Auggie Awards in Los Angeles.

What is the businesses greatest strength?

Our greatest strength lies in the diversity of our team. This helps us to truly think outside of the box and innovate. We employ specialists in 3D visual art, UX and UI design, software, and gaming. Internally, we also have strategic expertise in the following areas: brand and marketing, learning and development, and supply chain management. This helps us to create tailored solutions and deliver the outcomes defined by our clients.

 What are your primary markets / sectors?

Two key sectors that we are focussing our attention on are engineering and manufacturing. AR can deliver tangible outcomes across the entire supply chain, from new product development right the way through to maintenance.

As an example of how effective AR can be in these sectors, we recently completed a project for Transnet Ports – a rail and sea freight company. The solution needed to enable maintenance technicians to train on a specific part without it having to be physically present.

When trainees scanned the floor using their smartphone or tablet, an exact 3D replica of the machine part appeared in AR. They could then expand the part to visualize the steps they would need to follow for assembly and disassembly. Interactive points of reference were also digitally tagged onto the model, providing relevant information on each component.

This meant sessions could be held at multiple locations, reducing the logistical costs associated with internal training. Due to the experiential nature of the learning experience, trainees also retained the knowledge acquired and could confidently complete the necessary maintenance processes in the field.

Do you have growth plans for the future?

Now that we have a physical presence in the north-east region, we want to establish sustainable relationships with businesses that also call this area home. At the same time, we will be exploring other potential areas for growth across the UK and Europe.

As the field of immersive technology continues to advance, internally we will continue to pioneer and create innovative new products that solve real-world challenges.