Following the success of our previous substance misuse event we have been asked to provide another event aimed firmly at employers of all sizes to ensure your continued compliance in what can be a very complicated minefield of legalities and HR issues.

The management of substance misuse (this could include alcohol and drugs) is a complicated and sensitive issue, it carries a variety of enforceable civil and criminal legislation within the workplace. Businesses need to undertake a serious approach in their management strategy where staff wellbeing is paramount to a company’s compliance with legislation, statutory requirements and T&C’s of employment.

The implications for a company not employing a robust strategy for substance misuse can be damaging. The Insurance Act now requires a business to make a fair presentation to its insurer, if that is not achieved then insurance cover and mitigation is compromised to the detriment of the company.

Employment terms and conditions start from the wrong position and expose culpability of managers and therefore directors across every departmental sector. Substance misuse has statutory requirements, that with the criminal & civil legislation, will change and direct corporate governance to allow any company to make formal decisions around their day to day activities, management of their business, employees and supply chain.

Our member Hall and Angus will deliver a member discussion and outline the key points to consider when dealing with substance misuse.

The event will be held on the 22nd May so please advise at your earliest opportunity if you would like to reserve a place.