In our latest ‘Spotlight On’ feature we chat to Trevor Hall, who together with business partner Gordon Angus, runs Rainton Bridge-based Hall and Angus Group.

The Hall & Angus company provides innovative and specialist solutions to substance and alcohol misuse management & education in the workplace and counts many high profile companies and SMEs in a range of sectors nationally and internationally.

Here Trevor tells us more about Hall and Angus’ plans for the future and his side line as a published author.

Tell us more about the business?

Hall and Angus provides bespoke training to businesses of all sizes to help them manage substance and alcohol misuse in the workplace.

Our approach is to educate employers and staff so that testing becomes a last resort, rather than the first. We also have a massive analytical capability when required.

The problem with this subject is that many employers don’t know how to properly deal with it. They either have no policy in place or a policy that is not legally defensible and rely on staff with no formal training to introduce a policy that be the cause of a great many employment and legal issues. Very few professions have the exacting knowledge to properly manage the epidemic of substance misuse, which includes the misuse of prescribed medications.

Gordon and I are vastly experienced in this area (Trevor is the only registered expert witness in Substance misuse policy writing, implementation and mediation in the country) and can therefore work with businesses to develop substance misuse programmes & policies that work for them, helping them understand their culpability around doing nothing or doing something that is wrong and litigious.

The business has grown rapidly in that time hasn’t it?

Yes, it has. Businesses have become much more aware of their responsibilities to their staff and a variety of legislations. Companies are utilising our services to ensure they are able to identify if substance misuse is an issue within their workplace, and of course then deal with the issue legally and professionally.

Our work has led to us launching several spin-off companies, as well as developing packages which are aimed at schools and communities. Our largest expansion is into the Maritime and Offshore industry where we have a number of high-profile clients. We have recently started a joint venture with an existing Greek client and now have a testing and training company with our international office in Piraeus, Greece and another planned for Singapore.

What made you launch the business?

Too many companies in the past relied on a lip service to what is a very complicated subject that has a myriad of civil & criminal legislations, statutory requirements and a number of significant new legislations applied to the subject. To properly fill this gap, we have developed two levels of online and face to face training that is both CPD accredited and for maritime ABS accredited. We are also close to finishing a Diploma level education programme for those professions who are directly charged with the management of workplace substance misuse.


You’re also a published author, aren’t you?

I have written a substantial book on how to manage every aspect managing substance misuse in the workplace, published globally in June. My publisher, Taylor & Francis, has also agreed to publish a further 12 books dedicated to either profession specific support or sector specific support, 6 books will be ready by the end of 2019 and the remainder will be released during 2020. With our training programmes, other innovations and the book series we have produced the worlds largest dedicated body of work dedicated to helping employers and employees better understand the whole substance misuse subject in the workplace, as opposed to just parts of it. Writing these books is a great way for me to share my knowledge within this subject, in an engaging way which helps the reader understand what a complex & sensitive subject it is.

What does the future hold for you?

We want to continue to grow our businesses and continue to develop new innovations to help the employer and commerce & industry generally & globally.

We’re also working with Ben Gilhespy at EMN as we’re co-hosting an event for network members around the subject of substance and alcohol abuse in the workplace in May.

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